How to format and Reinstall Windows 7

how to format and install Windows 7Windows 7 is far better than previous windows versions (XP and Vista). The install process is plain simple and easy to follow. Big Bravo! for Microsoft for this. Now, just follow these steps and you will install windows 7 in no time

You can Install Windows 7 via DVD Disk you’ve purchased or with bootable USB.

This post explains installing windows 7 with dvd disk.

– 31 steps total, every step is screen-captured

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Format Windows Vista

how to format and install Windows VistaIn this tutorial we will be installing clean version of Windows Vista.

Usually people format windows vista in try to fix their system, repair some functionality or upgrade from windows XP.
Recommended: If you are not sure about your computer hardware compatibility with Windows Vista, get this Upgrade Advisor and check your system compatibility. Next make sure that you have the Drivers CD (that came when you’ve purchased your PC), or if you don’t have them, download the latest Vista drivers for your hardware (you can find them at the support section of your hardware manufacturer, remember to save them to different partition than “C:” (don’t save them in MyDocuments folder, it will get deleted with the formatting), safest way is to store them in other partition than C: (ex. D: , E: , removable drive like USB or burn them on a CD/DVD)

Now after you are sure that your PC is compatible with Vista, and you have all the drivers saved, you can proceed with Formatting Windows Vista. Continue reading Format Windows Vista

Format Windows XP

how to format and install windows xpThis explains step-by-step how to format hard drive partition using the Windows XP installation CD.

Before you continue, make sure you have backup of all documents you may need that are saved in C:, My Documents folder or your desktop.

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how to backup your computer

Having your computer backup at all times is golden.

Think about it, it’s not your hard disk price that should worry you, it’s all the data you have stored that can be lost. Documents, photos, mp3’s, software, bookmarks, stored logins, chat history etc… The list is endless.

I had my hard disk burned down, twice!, and it’s not pleasant feeling, not at all.

Too bad I had to burn my data twice, before I decide to have computer data backed up at all times.

Get that data on a safe place, please!

best of luck :)

Update: Dropbox now offers 2GB of free storage and also has great desktop app that does the backup in the background. You can also use it to share files between PC’s – currently has 50 millions users. Sign up for free

Windows Vista Setup

Installing Windows Vista is an easy process.

I’d recommend the Computer Format Guide (Amazon link) which has the process explained great, with screen-shots and details what to do after you install Vista (drivers, free software you can use, etc..)

Having book is handy, especially if you’re a beginner so you wont have to remember everything.

Good luck installing Windows Vista

how to download vista

How to download Vista legally ?

– Visit Windows Marketplace

My advice is to upgrade to Windows 7, not Windows Vista.

But, if you insist on getting Vista, go buy a DVD… don’t download it


Computer Format

The process of Computer Format is not as hard as everybody thinks. Depending on what you want to do, you can find some great resources there at How to Format a Computer.

What you need to know is before you decide to do computer format, is to backup some of your files located in the local hard disk where your current operating system is installed.

In details: Before you do a computer format – backup all the files in My Documents (ex. messenger received files, your personal documents etc) basically everything that you may need from the My Documents folder because that folder will be completely deleted. Next, take a look at your desktop. Do you see some documents you may need ? Back them up too (everything except shortcuts). After you’ve finished backing up My Documents and Desktop, next thing to check is the C: drive (or other drive, if C is not the drive where you’ve installed Microsoft Windows).

Now after you’ve backed up the documents you need, depending on the operating system you are going to install, proceed to:

how to format and install Windows XP , how to format and install Windows Vista or how to format and install Windows 7

What to know before format

What will happen if I format my computer/hard disk?

Formatting a computer hard drive means that All the data on the specified hard drive (or partition) will be deleted (Partition – Separated division of the hard drive, most computers have two partition’s C:, D: ). Therefore, it is very important to back up any information (documents, programs, personal pictures or documents) and most important – All info that you may need from My Documents folder, anything you may need later. My Document’s folder is located in the same windows XP partition that we will format. The best practice is to back up all of the files to another partition (we will format only C: ), so you can safely copy/paste all files to for example – D:, E: and so on, 
or burn CD/DVD disk .

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